Funerals of all types     

Celebrations of Life, Funerals and Memorials
Graveside and Ash Scattering 

meaningful CEREMONIES

Focused on what is important to you and your family
Non-denominational, Spiritual or Non-Religious


Creating space for beautiful times of reflection
that are personal and connected


Guiding You Through Each Step

​Connect with Rebecca

​Once you’ve decided on the date, time and location of the ceremony, connect with me to confirm my availability. We’ll talk about what you are envisioning and I will answer any questions you may have.

Discuss the Details

We will set up a time to talk about the details of the ceremony, and I will listen to your memories, learning all about your loved one. Other family members and close friends are welcome to contribute.

Create the Ceremony

I'll spend time writing and putting together each part of the ceremony, making certain that every word captures your loved one’s personality and beliefs, along with what you have envisioned.

The Day of the Event

​When the day arrives, I will guide family and friends through a beautiful and heartfelt time of remembrance.
​Every detail will be cared for and it will be a meaningful experience for all.

"It was truly perfect and your compassion ​and genuine caring was obvious."   - The Turner Family

"We are so happy with how the day turned out. ​You are a truly beautiful speaker and I appreciate all the time you took to get to know my father."   - The Ewart Family

"I thought you did a beautiful job and got the essence just right. It was simply exquisite."   - The Robins Family

Choosing rebecca is easy

​A special ceremony written just for your loved one
Experience to guide you through the whole process
​Flexibility to include what is meaningful to you and your family
Dedication to getting it just right


In our fast paced world and busy lives, we often move from one thing to the next very quickly. 
Are funerals just an old tradition that we need to move away from?
​Why bother having a funeral?

"Rebecca's warm, caring, peaceful nature guided us through those difficult times."   - The Schweitzer Family

"The ceremony was moving and expressed the feelings we all have for our wonderful mother. Your kindness is much appreciated!"    - The Martin Family

"Thank you again for the wonderful job and well posed words you provided. You do a very good thing when people need it most."   - The Cunningham Family


Funerals of all types start at $275.
Services for children are always free of charge. For more details,
​view Rebecca's price list.

ConTact rebecca

Find out if Rebecca is available to officiate the ceremony
you are planning or ask ​any questions that you may have.

"I can't thank you enough for making my son's send off perfect in every way. It was beautiful and exactly what I imagined. I'm grateful we found you!"   - The Reid Family

"It was a lovely memorial ceremony. You are so sincere and caring, and your words were beautifully written and delivered. The persona you present is so calm and comforting."   - The Van Horne Family

"I didn't know what I wanted. But what you did, is exactly what I wanted. Thank you."   - The Wastle Family